Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ISBIC Methodology

ISBIC - Sports Betting Consultants

The online sports betting, sports gambling and sports handicapping market is very inefficient compared to traditional stock bond or currency markets.

Sports’ betting is largely a matter of opinion. The sports books and consultants who set the lines are using computers however the input on weighing various factors is human opinion.

With ISBIC there is no game of the week, game of the year, game of the century, game of the millennium etc,. All of our selections are designed to win period. We have no set time on releases. We release a play when the timing is at our advantage in reference to the best odds available.

This is professional cutting edge sports betting information technology and scientific estimates using our proprietary methods and our state of the art HUMAN EMOTIONAL MONITORING HEM which gives us the edge. This is similar to human profiling used to detect and predict future human behavioral activities. With many modifications built and programmed by our organization to assist in predicting human behavior with regard to the outcome of various sporting events vs. the point spread and or odds. Depending on the sport we have various weightings along with extensive statistical analysis to determine the best scientific estimate on the outcome of the event.

At ISBIC we also feel that we have an extremely large advantage in the futures market. This is a market where the sports books are way behind the curve and opinions will vary wildly offering our clients great opportunities to make large scores.
ISBIC only deals with sporting events that we feel have the greatest value vs. the risk in order to generate excellent gambling investment and cash results.

We are very expensive and we wish to keep our clientele to small manageable levels thus ensuring that we can capture the most advantageous positions at all times. ISBIC requests that all of our clientele keep the information to themselves as telling friends coworkers relatives etc hurts the overall performance as lines and or odds will quickly move.
ISBIC leading Sports Betting Consultants, currently has an edge Online Sports handicapping the following:

  • MLB Baseball
  • Canadian Football
  • NFL Football
  • College Football
  • European Basketball

ISBIC is developing at the request of some of our clients proprietary information technology for CRICKET, EURO hockey and Euro Soccer. We will keep you advised.

International Sports Betting Intelligence Consultants Ltd. (ISBIC.COM)

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