Friday, September 7, 2007

Online Sports Betting Consultants

ISBIC was formed 2 years ago after the four of us worked for a Hong Kong based Horse racing syndicate.

We all had various gambling mathematical security and programming backgrounds which were highly desired by This racing syndicate. This particular syndicate was extremely successful and with very deep pockets so as to be able to withstand some loosing punches that are inevitable in the highly lucrative exciting and always interesting game of professional gambling. We had a great experience in Hong Kong and decided to pursue our methodology into the sports wagering and information world.

We are often asked why we didn't set up our own syndicate. Very simply you need an extraordinary amount of capitol to begin with. You then must be able to move around This enormous capitol and hit the lines or odds in a manner that the aforementioned will not move too quickly. As well we did not want to be beholden to a group of owners who would take the lions share of the profits using our brains and talent.

With ISBIC we can utilize our own creative talents and methodologies in an atmosphere that we enjoy. This is our company and we are proud it. ISBIC only offers opinions on sporting events that we feel that we have the highest advantage for several reasons.

ISBIC currently has an edge handicapping the following:

  • MLB Baseball
  • Canadian Football
  • NFL Football
  • College Football
  • European Basketball

ISBIC is developing at the request of some of our clients proprietary information technology for CRICKET, EURO hockey and Euro Soccer. We will keep you advised.

Importantly we strive to keep our client base very low and we recommend that our clients not share any information with friends coworkers etc., as This can dilute the line and or odds advantage that ISBIC has.

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