Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Welcome to ISBIC cutting edge sports betting information utilizing technology, statistical analysis and exceptional software programs designed to bring professional gamblers and punters worldwide the winning edge that is so often elusive.

Our methods are unique in the respect that we utilize our own software developed while based in Hong Kong and employed by a horse racing syndicate.

We utilize HUMAN EMOTIONAL MONITORING HEM. This is the same intricate software program utilized to profile people and there future activities with many modifications built in to assist our organization on predicting the outcome of various sporting events.

The key is placing certain weights on various game factors and human factors and then programming them in. This along with statistical analysis gives our organization and our clients an edge.

We believe that some of the finest financial opportunity’s in the world today exist in the sports betting and horse racing industry as opposed to the traditional financial markets such as the stock market and or futures and commodity markets. ISBIC only offers opinions on sporting events that we feel that we have the highest advantage for several reasons.

ISBIC currently has an edge handicapping the following:

  • MLB Baseball 2007- Sold Out
  • Canadian Football 2007- Sold Out
  • NFL Football 2007-08- 11 client openings available
  • College Football 2007-08- 09 client openings available
  • European Basketball 2007- Sold Out

ISBIC is developing at the request of some of our clients proprietary information technology for CRICKET, EURO hockey and Euro Soccer. We will keep you advised.

ISBIC keeps its client base small (we limit each sport to 50 clients) and we suggest that in order to achieve the desired results you should be a professional or semi professional gambler.

We are very expensive and we wish to keep our clientele to small manageable levels thus ensuring that we can capture the most advantageous positions at all times. ISBIC requests that all of our clientele keep the information to themselves as telling friend's coworker's relatives etc., hurts the overall performance as lines and or odds will move quickly.

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